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Airport passengers are, at any one time, the most mixed group of people you will find anywhere. Excited, nervous, happy, stressed, relaxed, hurried. What they all have in common is that, for at least an hour or two – they are captive, open to media messages and – in most cases – willing to be seduced by brands! The problem for the retailer is how to reach out, engage with and influence this incredibly diverse audience. Enter Connectiv. Connectiv enters into a management agreement with the airport retailer, taking over the complete digital media marketing process. We work closely with the duty-free/travel retail operator to assist them in acquiring the optimum number, size and format of digital screens suitable for the retail environment in question (if there are not already suitable screens in place). Connectiv then operates and manages the screens on behalf of the asset owners. On behalf of the duty-free/travel retail operator, Connectiv sells the digital media advertising space on an agreed commission basis, specifically targeting brands which are duty-free/travel retail specific, working with the brands to create and schedule advertising content that will target the maximum number of relevant passengers. Connectiv is able to provide full digital design solutions – linked into a brand’s existing advertising campaign or creating original, innovative material. Airtime can be scheduled by category, taking into account airport promotions and activations, by time, and even by passenger profile at the gate, to ensure accurate and defined message targeting. Uniquely, Connectiv employs methodologies and analysis software specific to airport environments to enable audience impression measurement (AIM) as well as ‘heat map’ analysis of passenger traffic routes, facilitating even more precise advertising engagement and measurability. For the retailer, the key benefits are advertising revenue generated in a currently under-developed market and increased sales through retail outlets.
Digital advertising within airports is still in its infancy – but that’s changing fast as technology advances and brands understand the potential of this dynamic media in engaging with the traveller when compared to traditional ‘static’ lightboxes. For retailers the potential advertising revenue from this powerful tool is largely untapped - indeed research shows that digital media can generate up to 400% more revenue than traditional lightboxes. For brands the resulting sales uplift can be impressive - companies we work with experiencing 12-18% increases on average. More than that, digital advertising enables brands to engage directly with consumers, building brand awareness and loyalty, supporting instore promotions and activations, and targeting specific passenger groups. Connectiv works with brands to create the most dynamic, engaging and effective sales messages throughout the airport retail store and at the point of purchase. Delivering advertising messages that will drive sales using market/sector specific analysis and knowledge to determine optimum scheduling, placement and content relative to passenger demographics and airport flow. The digital out of home sector is one of the fastest growing advertising sales categories – Connectiv brings the full potential to airport retailers and brands in an efficient, cost-effective, and dynamic implementation.
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Dubai Duty Free is the shining star of duty-free/travel retailing in the Middle East and Connectiv is delighted to be its digital media partner with 15 screens in the Emirates Terminal 3 (Concourse B) and an impressive 100+ digital installations opening in the new Concourse A. Dubai Duty Free is a perfect example of how digital media can enhance airport retail sales. Since it opened for business on December 20th 1983 Dubai Duty Free has grown to become one of the world’s largest airport retailers with a turnover of Dhs5.311 billion (US$1.46 billion) in 2011 year-end and predicted sales of Dhs6 billion (US$1.64 billion) in 2012. Consistently raising the benchmark for airport retailing in the Middle East, this multi-award winning airport retailer operates 18,000 square metres of retail space across Terminals 1, 2 and 3, increasing by a further 8,000 square metres with the opening of the new Emirates dedicated Concourse A in early 2013. Concourse D will open in Late 2014. Dubai Duty Free is a shopper’s paradise offering a treasure trove of luxury goods including designer fashion, gold and jewellery, watches and pens, plus the widest range of fragrances and cosmetics, liquor and tobacco and electronics. Open 24 hours a day, DDF’s clientele is truly international with a high proportion of business traffic with high purchasing power – the three top selling categories of perfumes, liquor and gold testament to this. Advertising to such a busy and diverse airport retail operation presents its own challenges. Connectiv, with its indepth knowledge of the duty-free/travel retail industry, was brought in by Dubai Duty Free to manage the existing digital screens in Concourse B, relocating where deemed necessary, and source and place the digital screens for the new Concourse A. Connectiv is totally responsible for media placement working closely with major brands such as Diageo, Puig, L’Oreal Lux, Estee Lauder etc… to implement creative programs designed to enhance the passenger experience, setting strong foundations for brand loyalty and sales.
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If you want to make a real impression, these high impact Video Walls in full HD resolution enables brands to make a very definite statement. Amazingly stylish and slick, the Video Wall format adds glamour and status to any advertising message.

  • | is a global Digital Media company specialising uniquely in the duty-free and travel retail business. In an industry worth in excess of US46bn in retail sales annually – and growing – targeted digital marketing is crucial in ensuring the right messages reach the right passengers at the right time. Connectiv brings its expert knowledge and experience of the duty-free/travel retail to retailers and brands with a unique package: managing digital screens for retailers (and airport authorities running their own duty free and travel retail outlets), marketing advertising airtime to brands, and scheduling content on the network.

Why is Connectiv different? ? Connectiv’s Digital Media offer has been exclusively developed for the duty-free/travel retail industry – an important step beyond pure airport media programs. Millions of consumers travel each year - on business, for leisure, on long holidays and short breaks – and everyone is more than a passenger; he/she is also a potential shopper. Whether planned or impulse, airport retail provides the perfect opportunity for advertisers to reach a captive audience in a ready-to-spend mindset. Having worked with the world’s leading travel retailers and brands, Connectiv can identify real opportunities for digital screen installation and sales messages which will engage and interact directly with targeted passenger profiles. Our methodology and analysis software development is specific to the airport retail environment, ensuring advertising reach optimisation which can be directly related to sales uplift. The result? Increased advertising revenues for the retailer and increased sales for the brand. A win-win situation.

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